Depression, Major Depressive Disorder & Feeling Depressed

Understanding depression

Everyone feels unhappy from time to time.  With depression, however, feelings of sadness are persistent and affect daily life.  Depression is a mental health issue and can be understood and treated using a variety of approaches.

My treatment approach for depression

I work very differently to other mental health professionals. For example, I do not do talking therapy/counselling, and I don’t teach mindfulness.

Nor I do not try to change your behaviour or identify your triggers (CBT). And I do not solely give suggestions on how to change via hypnotherapy while you relax and listen. My sessions are interactive and involve you and make you work.

As I do not treat symptoms, instead, I treat the root cause so the symptoms, so depression goes as a result of that. Depression is mostly caused by trauma.

Most mental health professionals and therapists solely focus on treating the symptom and not the root cause, which is why it usually takes many months to see any improvement after spending thousands of pounds. And that is not a rapid change. Neuroscience, research, and treatment methods have advanced and changed. I know as I have trained in the latest techniques.

My clients come and see me when all other avenues failed.

Symptoms of depression

Depression affects you more than the short episodes of unhappiness that everyone experiences occasionally.

Do you experience?