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Effective, gentle therapy for anxiety & PTSD face-to-face and online so you can start to heal within weeks rather than months or years.

Trauma-informed & trauma-specific therapy.

Experienced anxiety therapist.

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Therapy for anxiety & PTSD

Are you in need of therapy for anxiety or PTSD? Anxiety and PTSD can create chaos. It may make your life seem to be out of control. As a result, it damages your social life, relationships, education and work.  If you are ready for change, find out more how Venka is the therapist who can treat you quickly and compassionately

Need Help with Anxiety or PTSD? 

If you suffer from anxiety or PTSD, you know how frustrating and crippling the symptoms can be. You want to be in control and not let fear control you.  However, anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD and trauma, are ruining your life.  Above all, it is affecting your work, relationship and friendships.  Venka can help you overcome anxiety and PTSD.  How? Her unique therapy targets your subconscious to discover and treat the root cause of your anxiety or trauma. Unlike talking therapy, it is not re-traumatising. Better yet, Venka's treatment is quick; no endless talking so no years of therapy.   Besides, you leave with a tool-kit of techniques to deal with any future stressful situations when life does throw you a curveball. So, let's go ahead and see how we can turn your problems around.

How Can Therapy for Anxiety or PTSD Help? 

Working with Venka, an experienced anxiety therapist has three significant benefits. Firstly, the root causes of your anxiety in your subconscious are uncovered.  So out-dated beliefs that are holding you back will be changed. Secondly, you will no longer feel exhausted or debilitated by anxiety, stress or trauma. Thirdly, you have a life-long tool kit to manage any stressful situations with confidence.
So here are some of the ways how this rapid anxiety and trauma therapy can help you to be a more confident, resilient and happier person:
  • Find the subconscious root cause of your anxiety or PTSD 
  • Change negative thought and behaviour patterns by rewiring neural pathways.  Shift old ways of thinking
  • Recognise what causes anxiety, panic or trauma/PTSD and how to regain control
  • Reprogram automatic thought and behaviour patterns which feed anxiety spirals
  • Discover how to identify anxiety or panic attack triggers
  • Remove intense, painful emotions that are holding you back
  • Rebalance your nervous system, so the fight/flight/freeze response is not triggered all the time
  • Have a tool kit of techniques to help you to deal with stressful situations. After all, life does throw you a curveball once in a while.
Anxiety and PTSD are horrendous; it creates chaos, thus causing your life to spin out of control. Above all, it can damage relationships, education, work and social lives. But, you can recover.  It requires the right therapy with the right therapist and a proven treatment plan. Ultimately anxiety and PTSD are treatable conditions, so you should not suffer in silence.
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  • ✅Holistic therapy for anxiety, trauma & PTSD

    ✅Neuro science-based therapy treatment, backed up by solid research and international experts

    ✅Combination of therapy methods personalised to every individual (so not just CBT, or just hypnotherapy)

    ✅Trauma-specific and trauma-informed therapist, so treatment is not re-traumatising

    ✅I do not watch the clock so no strict 50-minute therapy sessions, we go until we have a breakthrough

    ✅Targeting mind, body and brain as these are all connected

    ✅Healing starts within weeks rather than months or years.

    ✅Online therapy for anxiety, trauma and PTSD anywhere in the world or face to face in my clinic in Holborn W1 London, Blackheath or Kent

Client Success Story Video

Watch Hannah's success story video.  Raw and honest explanation of how she overcame anxiety, depression and deep-seated trauma after a few sessions with Venka.   It shows the results what experienced PTSD therapist can do for you.  In short, recovery without re-traumatising is possible.

Anxiety Symptoms 

When you experience anxiety, stress or PTSD, you may encounter the following symptoms, for example:

Mental anxiety symptoms

  • Difficulty concentrating, constantly feeling 'on edge'. Finding it hard to communicate, negative 'what if' thought spirals, irritability, easily distracted

Physical anxiety symptoms

  • Sleep issues, dizziness, drowsiness and tiredness, pins and needles sensation, heart palpitations, increased heartbeat, muscle aches, pains and tension, excessive sweating, shortness of breath, nausea, bowel or bladder problems, tension headaches

When should I get help with my anxiety?

If you're unsure if your anxiety is normal or becoming an anxiety disorder, ask yourself the following questions to get more clarity.

Do you...

  • feel regularly worried, tense, irritable or always on edge?
  • have irrational fears?
  • feel affects your work or relationships?
  • drink more or use prescription or recreational drugs to cope with your anxieties?
  • feel that something terrible will happen if you don't do certain things in a particular way?
  • routinely avoid certain situations because you feel anxious about them?
  • suffer from panic attacks with physical symptoms like chest pains, shortness of breath, nausea or stomach pains?

Do you have unprocessed trauma?

A traumatic event is an experience that has overwhelmed you.  It made you feel helpless and affected your ability to cope afterwards.  If the following is you, a PTSD therapist can help you.


  • are unable/unwilling to be vulnerable in relationships

  • feel unworthy/unlikeable/unlovable

  • believe that you are not deserving of love

  • think there is something wrong with you

  • have flashbacks

  • find it hard to cope

  • have a destructive relationship with food/sex/drugs/alcohol

How to get help for your anxiety or PTSD?

→ One-To-One Therapy For Anxiety or PTSD  - See Venka in Central London or Blackheath SE3 to resolve your anxiety, trauma and PTSD.

→ 4 Week Online Anxiety Recovery Program - Identify what is causing your anxiety and what part of the brain (cortex or amygdala) is causing it.  At the end of the program, you can be free of anxiety and be back in control in 28 days.

→ Online Therapy for PTSD, Anxiety & Trauma via Zoom - Resolve your anxiety, trauma and PTSD via Zoom.  Confidentiality is assured because Zoom is is secure and encrypted.