Complex Trauma & CPTSD Therapist

Is your adult life painful, overwhelming or chaotic because of childhood trauma? Do you find it hard to connect? Complex trauma or CPTSD (c-PTSD) is a relatively new diagnosis. It defines the experience of those who suffered on-going and inescapable trauma that has left the person with long-term emotional, mental, and physical side effects.

What sort of therapy can help with CPTSD?

Many people with complex PTSD find talk therapies that ask them about their past make their symptoms worse, not better. Certain types of therapy can ‘re-traumatise’ you.

Grey Matters Therapy’s therapist Venka de Rooij has received both trauma-specific and trauma-informed training. So she knows how to treat trauma, provide grounding and regulation of its impact and stabilise your emotions and triggers.

Her approach is both integrated and holistic, using a combination of Attachment EMDR, somatic body therapy and clinical hypnotherapy.

What is complex trauma or CPTSD?

Complex trauma or CPTSD occurs when adults or children who have repeatedly experienced traumatic events, such as violence, neglect, or abuse.

CPTSD is thought to be more severe if:

The difference between CPTSD & PTSD?

So how is complex trauma different than post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)?