The Victim Loop

How to step out of the victim loop

How to stop acting like a victim

Do you feel like a victim in certain situations or with certain people?

People stay stuck in this victim ‘loop’ because it is based on early experiences of not being able to get needs met.

When you blame others and deny your role in a situation, you are the victimiser. You may try to rationalise your way as right to feel in control.

You may hide what you want, need or feel to keep the peace when someone else wants something different. In that case, you become the victim by your own hand.

You may find that you tend to ignore what others do and say to stay in control so you disconnect from other people and situations where there is pressure to perform – letting you believe you are the victim.

How to get out of the loop.

You need to be accountable for your experience, instead of falling into the victim ‘loop’. The first step is to 'recognise' what you are feeling, thinking and experiencing. The second step is to 'own' - what you are thinking and feeling and how familiar it feels. So for example if you felt like you were not enough when your mother criticised you, you may feel the same thing again when your manager criticises you.

I help people to get out of the victim loop so they regain their power.

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