Does your partner or parent not accept you for who you are?

Are you held back by a parent or a partner who does not accept you who you are?

I often see is how people are preoccupied by a partner or a parent who seems unable to accept them as they are, who appears to be holding them back as they progress towards their goals. And my clients try to get these people to change their behaviour.

I will tell you now; people do not change unless they want to change. You cannot base your happiness or self-esteem upon someone else.

What I do to help my client is to change their response, to build healthy self-esteem, self-acceptance and confidence independently.

It’s time to stop desperately hoping that they will change or wishing that you could be good enough.

You can learn to trust your instincts to detect such people, to stop fooling yourself into thinking that this time will be different, to build confidence and self-acceptance which will help you to find somebody worthy of your love.

Hypnotherapy can help you to imagine the desired future, unlock half-forgotten strengths and remove self-sabotage. Hypnotherapy can help you to let go of the past, live in the present and work towards the desired future.

If you’d like any help in achieving such things for yourself, then please do get in touch. I work online via Zoom, anywhere in the world.

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